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Old Plainview Building

Many years ago, Cole Knowles held a Gospel Meeting in a tent about a mile south of Hazel Green, Alabama.  Many people obeyed the Gospel at this time.  Soon after, W. J. McElroy held a tent meeting adding others to the Lord’s church.  A decision was made to buy property next to the Washburn Cemetery.  This is where the church of Christ at Plainview assembled for worship until February 2, 1992.


            The members began worshipping in different homes each Lord’s day.  This was done for a long period of time.  So much interest was being shown that a brush arbor was erected at Briar Fork Creek near Steger’s Store.  W. J. McElroy was the preacher at this time, baptizing many others.


            The original building was started and completed in 1927.  During its use it was renovated several times, the most recent addition being an educational wing in 1981.  It was suggested by W. J. McElroy that it be called “Plainview”, as it could be seen at a distance from the highway.


            Some of the first families attending were those of Clarence Boyett, Sr., Joel Brooks, Clarence Douglas, Henry Hale, Tom McBride, Alfred Payne, Ben Payne, Charlie Payne, Joe Payne, Eli Upton, and George Talley.


            The following men have served the Plainview congregation as elders in the past:

Alfred Payne, Ben Payne, Jim DeWeese, Clarence Boyett, Sr., Clifton Upton, Floyd

Pierce, Alvin McBride, Elmer Stubbs, John R. Johnson, Taylor Rousseau and Clarence

Boyett, Jr.


            For many years we had different preachers each Sunday.  Some of those men

were:  W. J. McElroy, Dan Hogan, Joe Jones, John Jenkins, Howard Andrews, R. F.

Kilpatrick, and Joe Hillis.  In more recent years the congregation has been served by the

following full-time ministers:  L. E. Wright, Billy Bell, Bill Ivey, Johnny Tucker, Tommy

Rosenblum, Steve Hale, and at present, Ben Bailey.


            In July of 1991 a new chapter in the history of the Plainview congregation was

written.  Construction on a new building was begun.  Not only did this involve a new

building, but a new location as well.  The property is located at 14500 Highway 231-431,

just north of Hazel Green High School.  The first service was held on February 2, 1992,

with the official open house and dedication on March 15, 1992.


            In March of 2013, the auditorium, both foyers and the hallways around the outside the

auditorium were renovated.

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