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Youth Minister - Matt Mitchell


Plainview’s Elementary Youth group, “KOOL KIDS” (Kids Obeying Our Lord), reaches

the needs of 1st-4th grade students. (Kindergarten students may also participate if a 

parent stays for the activity.) The goal of the Elementary Youth Ministry is to give 1st-4th 

graders a firm foundation in the basics and fundamentals of what it means to believe in 

Jesus, to love Jesus, and to live the Christian life.



Youth Minister - Joey Gardner


The Junior Youth Ministry meets the needs of our 5th-8th graders. Adolescence can be a difficult time in the lives of these young people, and the Junior Youth Ministry strives to help them socially, as well as strongly emphasizing their spiritual needs. Juniors want to know where their place is in the Lord’s Church, and this ministry helps them to see how important they are to the Plainview family.



Youth Ministers -Jared Coffel

The Senior Youth Ministry is designed to meet the needs of young people in 9th-12th grade. This ministry promotes Christianity and offers activities to encourage our youth to stay actively involved in the church.

While the ministry offers many fun and exciting activities, it also consists of spiritually-related necessities to help the youth realize their responsibilities toward God, the church, and man. Foremost, this ministry attempts to create bonds between the young people through fellowship and love for one another. This will support a solid foundation for the church. The Senior Youth Ministry seeks to teach them, they are a valued members who perform important works within the church. 



Deacon- Jerome Acuff

The purpose of this program is to give young men and women the opportunity, the encouragement, and the training to become better Christians, citizens, and outstanding leaders. Our goal to promote personal confidence in our youth by developing the following leadership skills: Bible study, public speaking, teaching, serving, planning, and organization . We want to ignite within our youth the desire to use their abilities to serve the Lord. We wish to instill within each student the belief and confidence that he or she can become a positive leader in the home, church, school, and community.

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