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Our Elders

The functioning responsibilities of the eldership of the Plainview congregation, as determined by the Scripture, are as follows:


Decision making (as denoted by the Bible term "Elder"). This function deals with making decisions for Plainview in matters of judgement and opinions, as well as occasional decisions on a matter of doctrine to ensure all biblical requirements are adhered to.

Administration (as denoted by the Bible term "Overseer"). The Elders have the final word in all ministries, but will delegate authority to the deacons and ministers in specific areas, who will then have the responsibility for the day-to-day decisions in those areas, and involve as many of the qualified members in those areas as they can. This will relieve the Elders from the day-to-day matters so that they can spend time on more important things within the church.


Shepherding (as denoted by the Bible term "Shepherd"). Most of the Elders' time should be spent in this area, maintaining a close relationship with the members, and striving to make sure they remain active and faithful to the Lord. Certain aspects of this function include: guarding the church, admonishing the church, checking on the absentees, dealing with the erring, and helping counsel members with problems.

Plainview's Elders are:

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