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Mission Work

Plainview is very involved in mission work. Two of our deacons, Jackie Eakes and Josh Chandler oversee this ministry.  They are responsible for helping Plainview be involved in spreading the Gospel to areas outside our local community. These workers have basically the same goal as our local evangelism – preach the Gospel, to the most people, in the best way, in the shortest period of time. Plainview currently supports the following evangelistic works: 


Jose Antonia Garcia - Upala, Costa Rica

Rodrigo Gamboa Rodriguez - Siquirres, Costa Rica

Byron Francisco Chavarria Vargas - Purral, Costa Rica

Leoncio Trujillo - San Ramone, Costa Rica

Cristobal Zeledon - Ometepe, Nicaragua

Bill Ramsay - Korea

Manuelito Navajo Children's Home in Gallup, New Mexico.


Siquirres, Costa Rica

Preacher: Rodrigo Rodriguez

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