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Meet the Happy Days Staff


(Bottom Row From Right) Samantha Blythe, Sarah Simmons, Adrianna Smith, Michelle Barker, Georgia Muirhead & Bethany Butner.

(Top Row From Right) Mattie Bryant, Janet Hudson, Kim Stanley, Trish Bailey, Lisa Sipper & Barbara Capps.

barbara capps_edited.jpg

Happy Days Director

Barbara Capps

Mattie Bryant.jpg

Happy Days Assistant Director

Mattie Bryant

Samantha Blythe.jpg

Nursery Teacher

Samantha Blythe

janet hudson.jpg

2 Year Olds Teacher

Janet Hudson

bethany butner.jpg

3 Year Olds Teacher

Bethany Butner

Adrianna Smith.jpg

Nursery Teacher

Adrianna Smith

Sarah Simmons.jpg

2 Year Olds Teacher

Sarah Simmons

Kim Stanley.jpg

3 Year Olds Teacher

Kim Stanley

lisa sipper.jpg

Pre-K Teacher

Lisa Sipper

georgia muirhead.jpg

Pre-K Teacher

Georgia Muirhead

trish bailey_edited_edited.jpg

Music Teacher

Trish Bailey

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