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All the while she kept looking from one to the other of them, but they remained smilingly silent. Then she burst out, ‘But the money! You’ve got the money to buy this?’ Flinging both arms wide as with joy she gazed about the long room.

‘Well—’ Rory pursed his lips—’enough, enough to put down as a deposit’

‘He didn’t get in till six this mornin’.’ Jimmy was nodding up at her, and she turned to Rory and said, ‘Gamin’?’

‘Yes. Yes, Miss Waggett, that’s what they call it, gamin’.’

‘And you won?’

‘I wouldn’t be here showing you this else.’

‘How much?’

‘Aw well’—he looked away to the side—’almost eleven pounds at the beginning, but’—he gnawed on his lip for a moment—’I couldn’t manage to get away then, I had to stay on and play. But I was six up anyway when I left.’

‘Six pounds?’

‘Aye, six pounds.’

‘And this place is costin’ thirty-five?’

‘Aye. But five pounds’ll act as a starter. Jimmy’s goin’ to get the address of the son and I’ll write to him the morrow.’

There was silence between them for a moment until Rory, looking at Janie’s profile, said, ‘What is it?’

‘The waterfront, it’s . . . it’s mostly scum down here.’

‘Not this end.’

She turned to Jimmy, ‘No?’

‘No, they’re respectable businesses. You know, woodyards, repair shops, an’ things like that. An’ there’s very few live above the shops. There’s nobody on yon side of us, an’ just that bit of rough land on the other. Eeh!’ he laughed, ‘I’m sayin’ us, as if we had it already . . .’

‘What do you think?’ Rory was gazing at her.



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